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I recently attended a memorial service for a woman with whom I worked a number of years ago. She was a key volunteer at one of the institutions that I served when I was younger.

These events are never easy. This one was certainly sad, but it also celebrated a life well-lived. This woman not only supported our institution, she also clearly made a life out of supporting those non-profit organizations and institutions that were important to her and her family. Many of the attendees at the memorial service had worked with her on one or another of her charitable activities. It was a recognition that she had made a difference in her life—that she had “done good”.

Working in the non-profit sector gives us an opportunity to rub shoulders with individuals like this. In my mind, it may be the best part of the job. It certainly inspires me, and I am sure it inspires you to give back, as we see folks like this make a life out of doing so.

On another subject…

There was a fine article in May 17th's Chicago Tribune regarding the museums in Elmhurst, IL, including the Elmhurst Art Museum, which is currently a TW&B client. This is a great small, community-based museum, one definitely worth a visit. An especially unique feature is that the Museum includes the McCormick House, one of only three houses designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The house, which was built in Elmhurst, was moved to the Museum’s site when it opened in the late 90’s. (For more information, go to

Check out the Tribune article on the EAM, and if you are in the area, drop by for a visit.  It is worth your time.

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