March 24, 2022

Executive Director: Heartland Animal Shelter

Heartland Animal Shelter is a respected and recognized no-kill shelter located in Wheeling, IL, 30 miles north of Chicago. Known for its community focus and support, Heartland is seeking a new Executive Director who will apply their personal vision to complete the transition to its new facility, while positioning the organization as a leader in progressive shelters across the Chicagoland area.

This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced animal welfare or non-profit professional to lead a midsize facility with the resources necessary to provide each animal with the highest level of care possible.

Since 2007, Heartland has saved at least 98% of the animals in its care each year, even with their increased focus on saving the most vulnerable populations of cats and dogs. Heartland has saved well over 14,000 lives.

About the Position

Represent Heartland's values in Chicago and Beyond
Communicate and engage with staff and audiences in a versatile, positive, and proactive way — building meaningful relationships with volunteers, partners, the public, and the media while highlighting the importance of nurturing the human-companion bond through education.

Energize the Organization through Positive Employee Engagement and Training
Create an inclusive, creative, and positive approach to collaboration and team building across all levels of the organization, while taking a sincere interest in the recognition and application of individual strengths and gifts of staff and volunteers.

Drive Organizational Growth
Lead Heartland in achieving its strategic and fundraising/fiscal management goals through primary oversight, capital campaign planning, effective operational management, and board member collaboration.


This search is now closed. To view other recruitment opportunities, visit our full Executive Search Positions page.

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