February 15, 2024

In Memory of Larry Ter Molen

With heavy hearts TWB announces the passing of Larry Ter Molen, a founding partner of Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt, now known as TWB Fundraising. Larry was a pioneer in the fundraising world and a philanthropic inspiration to many of us.

"Larry was a respected leader, but it was his demeanor and thoughtfulness that helped set the tone for our firm.  He took everyone's challenges seriously, while responding with warmth and humor," said Clyde Watkins, one of the firm's founding partners.

Before moving into consulting, Mr. Ter Molen served as Executive Vice President of the Art Institute of Chicago for many years. During his leadership tenure, contributions to the Art Institute exceeded $435 million and membership reached 159,000, among the largest of any art museum in the United States.

"Larry was a key fundraiser in Chicago – everyone wanted to know what he had to say," said Gene Brandt, also a co-founder of the firm. "He was one of the big stars of philanthropy in the '80s and '90s." 

"Our colleagues at TWB Fundraising are saddened by Larry’s passing and will strive to maintain the high quality of advisory work he represents. I am confident that his stature and accomplishments will be remembered widely for years to come," said Don Souhrada, TWB President and CEO.

Larry's legacy lives on through our mission at TWB Fundraising and through his son Matt and grandson Perry, who are both fundraising professionals. Read here to learn more about Larry’s accomplishments and stellar career.

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