September 12, 2017

New DonorSearch Features

DonorSearch, the wealth screening partner for TW&B, has launched an exciting update with several new features that will benefit our clients.

When screening a data file, DonorSearch matches an organization’s prospects against 20 different databases. The update provides users with several robust search features that will help to better identify actionable prospects.

In previous releases, the user was unable to search many of the individual databases directly. The new release allows the user to search nationwide by name within business, real estate, SEC or Foundation data sets.


For example, this new search feature will allow users to search by name to find with what company a person is associated. You can also search on any company to view its data, including employee names also associated with that company. Once you find an individual of interest, you can select that person to create a full profile.

By enabling real estate searches nationwide, the user can now search on a specific name to find all properties connected to that name across the country to find all possible properties associated with a prospect. Once a property is identified, you can then find the property on a map with a simple click.

Browsing SEC data by person is another new feature. This option makes it possible to view an individual’s comprehensive, detailed SEC insider information. This is particularly helpful where a researcher has clues about holdings of a prospect with a more common name. By combing the power of DonorSearch’s database with your institutional knowledge, you can better identify the prospect you hope to find and then immediately create a screened profile based on the individual identified.

Foundation information is now much easier to search, too. You can search by person to find all grant giving and grant seeking foundations they are connected to. It’s possible to narrow by state or simply leave it blank to find any information that is connected to a specific name. Once you’ve identified your prospect, you can then create their profile instantly.

This new feature will benefit your foundation seekers too as it enables the ability to search by state to view all grant giving and grant seeking foundations in that state. Once a foundation is identified, you can then click on an organization name to view details such as EIN, phone number, website, and board members.

A feature often requested by prospect researchers is included in the new release.  The export profile to Word option will open a full profile in Microsoft Word with all sections included and expanded. This is particularly useful when building custom prospect profiles to fit an organization’s specific prospect research template.

DonorSearch’s new release just made prospecting easier, too. By using the keyword search, you can know search within a portfolio to find specific gifts related to a specific keyword. One TW&B client used this feature to identify prospects’ gifts to STEM-related causes, which was a new fundraising initiative for the organization.


The last new feature satisfies a request that TW&B has received from many clients over the years—the ability to pull a new mailing list based on specific criteria of prospects. This new feature offers over 350 criteria you can use to search for potential major donors. You can search and filter nationwide for prospects by:

  • Location
  • Home value
  • Income
  • Giving interests
  • Family size
  • Hobbies
  • Political leanings

Once you’ve identified the list of prospects you are looking for, you can export the records instantly with credit card payment of $.05/record.

Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt’s long-standing relationship with DonorSearch provides great value to our clients. Please contact us if you would like to discuss using these new features to conducting a new wealth screening project.

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