March 28, 2018

Meet the Five New Additions to the TW&B Consulting Team

As part of the continued growth of Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt, we are proud to introduce a number of new additions to our firm. 



Sandy Karuschak joins us after serving as the Director of Development for Steppenwolf Theatre Company for 19 years. She has nearly three decades of experience in Chicago's top cultural institutions. 

What drew you to work in the nonprofit sector?

I have spent my career working exclusively in Chicago's leading cultural institutions. I am passionate about the arts being an important part of the vitality of this city and helping to bring communities together. 

What unique perspective do you bring to organizations?

I bring extensive experience in developing fundraising strategies that will grow resources to meet the vision and goals, as well as galvanizing volunteers and donors to expand their passion for and commitment to the organization. 

List a few accomplishments of note in your career.

I served as Director of Development for 19 years at the internationally-renowned Steppenwolf Theatre Company. During my time there, I built a development team that substantially grew the fundraising program and had the opportunity to lead a $65 million building campaign and a $21 million endowment campaign.

Prior to that, I held senior leadership roles at The Field Museum of Chicago and Court Theatre at the University of Chicago. While at the Field Museum, I spearheaded Project Millennium, a collaboration of 180 cultural and educational organizations across Illinois. 


Elizabeth “Betsy” Soete is a seasoned professional with more than 30 years’ experience in development. She previously served as Assistant Vice President of Development for the Arts at DePaul University. 

What drew you to work in the nonprofit sector? 

I was drawn to the nonprofit sector by the idea of wanting to be associated with an organization that was “doing good, helping people, making the world a better place.” Most of my career has been spent working in the field of higher education. It gave me great satisfaction to think that I was raising funds to provide scholarship support for needy students and making a university education possible for those who might not otherwise be able to afford it. I also raised funds for programmatic support and new facilities, all with the goal of enhancing the educational experience for deserving students. Although I was focused on higher education, there are so many great nonprofit organizations that are doing wonderful things to make the world a better place. Being involved with such organizations can be very rewarding for those of us working in the nonprofit sector. 

What unique perspective do you bring to organizations?

My focus in higher education has been on fundraising for the performing arts, specifically music and theatre. I also studied music professionally and have a degree in music, so my background is very beneficial in working on behalf of the performing arts. It's easy for me to be passionate about the cause! 

List a few accomplishments of note in your career. 

I led the Performing Arts Campaign at DePaul University, raising $37.1 million for the School of Music and The Theatre School. In addition to raising funds for endowed scholarships, a new Theatre School building was constructed and opened in 2013. A new facility for the School of Music is currently under construction and will open in the Fall of 2018. It was thrilling to be part of that and see the new buildings materialize!

I also was very involved in the Women in Development/North chapter, serving in several different leadership roles, including serving as President for a two-year term.


Marc Barbeau has a diverse background of experience within higher education. Previously, he has served as Vice President for Silver Lake College, Lake Erie College, Northland College and Up with People, Inc.

What drew you to work in the nonprofit sector?

I have a particularly strong affinity for education. I have always desired to connect with people, a cause, or an organization that I can believe in. For me, it’s all about mission. I may not have an immediate connection to an institution’s mission or be compelled to work only with organizations that I readily identify with; rather, I am enthusiastic about learning the purpose of a nonprofit organization and determining how I can be part of its success. I enjoy gaining an understanding of others’ love for and commitment to their cause. Serving an organization in a way that promotes its mission gives me a sense of purpose and greater meaning.

What unique perspective do you bring to organizations?

I’ve walked where you walk. I have experienced the challenges you currently face, and know what it takes to build a strong organization with effective fundraising programs. I have worked in higher education for more than 20 years, building a knowledge base in development, marketing and organizational leadership. My Master of Science degree in Organizational Development contributes to my wealth of experience and enhances my understanding of the complex issues facing contemporary organizations. My perspective is based on having been where you are, having the credentials to support my experience, and above all, listening carefully to discover the core issues that need attention.

List a few accomplishments of note in your career.

Throughout my career as a fundraiser, I have been fortunate to have seized many opportunities to make a difference. I am proud of a number of accomplishments such as securing significant major gifts, and staying the course when big challenges arose. What stands out in my mind is the privilege I have been given by some incredible people of allowing me to gain their confidence and trust and be of service to their organization. I take pride in the relationships we have established, working together to serve their mission.


Joseph Volin currently serves as the Director of Alumni Engagement at Chicago Kent College of Law. He earned his Doctor of Education with an emphasis on nonprofit management from Northern Illinois University.

What drew you to work in the nonprofit sector? 

My passion for nonprofits started with a passion for higher education. After pursuing my masters in higher education and working with college students, I started to explore the world of advancement. Since then I have enjoyed strengthening organizations with the help of their constituents and communities.

What unique perspective do you bring to organizations?

I am very analytical. I love looking at the data that exists for an organization and identifying ways to develop strategy and strengthen an organization using that data. Data can tell us so much about donors and constituents. More organizations should be using their data to tell a story about who their constituents are and the impact they have.

List a few accomplishments of note in your career.

In my first role in the advancement field, I was part of a small team that developed the dedicated alumni relations program for the organization. Previously, the team that focused on alumni relations was also tasked with events, parent relations, and a piece of annual giving. Being a part of that team gave me an opportunity to truly listen to what our constituents were looking for and to develop initiatives that provided a strong engagement return on that investment. I am also extremely proud of receiving my doctorate with an emphasis in nonprofit management. I have always been passionate about formal learning and I was very interested in exploring the relationship that constituent engagement can have on giving and subsequent engagement.


Jessica Wayne previously served as the Director of Corporate Development at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. She joins us after 11 years of independent nonprofit consulting. 

What drew you to work in the nonprofit sector?

I was drawn to working in the nonprofit sector because of my love for music. As a lifelong pianist, I was looking for a way to work in the performing arts sector without being on-stage. This led to a position with a children’s theater, followed by nearly a decade with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

What unique perspective do you bring to organizations? 

I bring a deep knowledge of and experience in corporate and foundation fundraising, along with a strong ability to improve processes. Having consulted for a variety of nonprofit organizations large and small, and from all different sectors, I appreciate the passion that most everyone has for their nonprofit work.

List a few accomplishments of note in your career. I oversaw the generation of $4 million for the CSO's operations annually through outright gifts, sponsorships, events, and in-kind support, including 50% growth in the sponsorship campaign. I spearheaded efforts to generate industry support for the American College of Surgeons’ annual Clinical Congress, with 122% growth in this campaign from 2015 to 2016. I also prepared grant proposals for Rosecrance, generating over $1 million for programs that provide vital mental health and substance abuse services for individuals of all ages.

If you are a seasoned fundraising professional considering a career in consulting, please contact us at Let's start a conversation! 


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