Clyde Watkins Featured in Fundraising Management Software Report

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Making the most of donor management software can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of a fundraising program. Outdated methods, like using old software or tracking donations manually through spreadsheets, lack powerful tools like automation and in-depth reporting that can improve an institution’s efficiency and strategy.

Janna Finch at Software Advice, a fundraising technology research and reviews company,  surveyed nonprofits across the U.S. and abroad and found that 56% of those surveyed planned on increasing their software spending in 2015.

via Software Advice Expected 2015 Investment in Fundraising Software (via Software Advice)


The article, which features quotes from TW&B senior partner Clyde Watkins, delves into some of the biggest benefits fundraisers get from their software, as well as some of the biggest software struggles.

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