Stolen Renoir Returned to The Baltimore Museum of Art

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Over 60 years since it was stolen, a small Renoir landscape is finally returning to our friends at The Baltimore Museum of Art.

Martha Fuqua, who claimed to have purchased the painting for $7 at a flea market, had attempted to auction it in September 2012. It was discovered that the painting had been reported stolen from a November 1951 exhibition.

After this information was revealed, the FBI took it into possession to await ruling from a federal judge. On Friday, January 10, it was awarded to the BMA, who plans to exhibit it in March.

At Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt, we’ve been proud to provide our counsel to the BMA for its "In A New Light" campaign, which has already exceeded its original $65 million goal. TW&B offers our congratulations to the BMA on the return of their Renoir!

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