TWB Sponsors Development and Membership Luncheon at AAM Meeting

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AAM-LunchTer Molen Watkins & Brandt was pleased to serve as one of the sponsors for this year's American Alliance of Museums Development and Membership (DAM) luncheon at the annual AAM meeting, held in Baltimore.  "Museums play such an important role in our society, and we are delighted to serve some of the very best ones in the country as their counsel" said Gene Brandt, TWB President.  "Our firm has such a solid background in museum fundraising, starting with our retired colleague, Larry Ter Molen and his amazing career at the Art Institute of Chicago.  For years, Larry and I were cross-town colleagues, with him at the Art Institute and me at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.  The Museum world faces amazing challenges, and we are working with our clients to help them face those challenges successfully."

TW&B's current clients include the Baltimore Museum of Art, which has already exceeded its $65 million campaign goal for endowment, capital, operating support and immediate impact funds.  "We work with large and small museums, and we truly love each and every one of them," said Brandt.  "With the AAM meeting in Baltimore this year, we were especially happy to support the BMA to make the meeting a great success."  TW&B also recently sponsored the Opening Reception for the annual AMDA (Art Museum Development Association) conference in Chicago.