February 14, 2023

The Hiring Rollercoaster Isn’t Over – Two Ways TW&B Can Help

As we saw from employment data published earlier this month, job openings continue to surge, fueling a strong demand for workers. 

For nonprofits, the market for talent is tight, particularly when it comes to filling senior development and executive director positions. Nonprofits saw a voluntary turnover rate of 20% in 2021, according to a survey by Nonprofit HR. In the current environment, it can take 6 months or more to fill a role. The effects of those months can reverberate for years—leading to reduced giving, lost momentum, unmet goals, and reduced impact. 

Open fundraising positions and leadership vacancies also add significant stress to organizations and their staff. Staff may be taking on new duties to fill the gaps, reducing their capacity to perform their usual roles and reducing productivity across the organization.

Right now, many of the organizations we are speaking with are struggling with these issues. Many people at smaller organizations believe that outside help, such as interim staffing or executive search, is outside their budget.

However, with a creative approach, TW&B can support clients with smaller budgets, helping them smoothly navigate these rocky transitional periods.

Transition Counsel: 

Vacant fundraising positions can cost your organization valuable donations and momentum. Consider the following reasons why transition counsel might be right for your organization:

  1. Sustain your organization’s momentum.
  2. Engage a consultant with significant senior fundraising and/or executive director experience
  3. Provide leadership support to staff
  4. Avoid organizational chaos
  5. Allow your organization the time needed to find and hire the right person.
  6. Keep in mind that transition counsel is rarely full time

Executive Search Lite:

If full executive search is not ideal for your organization, consider executive search lite in which TW&B consultants:

  1. Review your organization’s position description for maximum effectiveness
  2. Distribute the position description widely and through professional networks
  3. Reach out directly to potential applicants who may not be actively searching for a new position
  4. Conduct initial phone screenings to evaluate applicants’ experience, interest, and expectations
  5. Brief decision-makers through interview notes and resumes 

Transition counsel gives you valuable time needed to fill key roles during a tight labor market.  Executive search lite amplifies your search efforts and streamlines the process to ensure you focus on qualified candidates. To learn more about how TW&B can support your organization with either or both of these solutions, please contact us here.  You will be connected with one of our experts.

Caroline Older is a Vice President at Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt.

Written by

Caroline Older

Caroline Older is Adjunct Counsel of TWB Fundraising.


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