February 28, 2014

TW&B Service Spotlight: The Annual Giving Assessment

Is your organization on track to reach its annual fund goal this year?

If your organization is not meeting its annual fund goals, TW&B can help determine how to get your program on track by broadening your base of support and maximizing the total yield from current constituents.

The TW&B Annual Fund Assessment is a chance for your organization to take a step back from the day-to-day scramble to determine what limits your program from reaching it’s true potential. Chances are, the key to unlocking your program’s potential is hidden in your data and we’ll start by evaluating the qualitative data on your existing effort.

Based on what we find, we can then begin a more qualitative evaluation of all aspects of your annual fund. Examples of the questions we’ll consider are:

  • What are the statistical trends that reveal your program’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do any internal obstacles to solicitation and renewal exist, such as poor quality data or inaccessible data?
  • Are annual fund goals based on real prospect potential or based on the need to balance the budget?
  • What vehicles are proving the most effective in your program? How can these vehicles be used most productively?

After a thorough evaluation of both quantitative and qualitative aspects of your program, we’ll provide a written analysis of what limits your success and how to incorporate best practices and solutions specific to your organization to overcome those limitations.

“Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt evaluated our program’s quantitative and qualitative data. The recommendations were straightforward and realistic for us to implement. In the first full fiscal year of implementing TW&B’s recommendations, our number of donors increased by 65%, and we are on track for another good year.”

- Mary Surridge, Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs, North Park University

Learn more about TW&B reviews and assessments.

Written by

Don Souhrada

Don Souhrada is the President & CEO at TWB Fundraising.


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