October 12, 2021

An Interview with Mireya Dominguez - Welcome to the TW&B Team!

We are pleased to welcome Mireya Dominguez, our new Associate Vice President, to the firm. To highlight her remarkable expertise, we asked her a few questions to share with our readers who are looking to learn more about Mireya's experience, and for those who may be seeking a seasoned development professional to partner with.

How did you get interested in development work? Tell us a little bit about your history.

My interest in development grew through years of volunteer work and local involvement with nonprofit entities. Becoming an advocate and a voice for those without one is important and I always want to make sure that I do my part to help.

What was your experience like reviewing grants in various geographical areas throughout Latin America, U.S. West Coast, Russia, and parts of Europe?

Reviewing grant applications and providing guidance to project sponsors gave me a global perspective to the unique community needs of each geographic region. It is amazing to be part of a significant collaboration between local volunteer leaders, government, and other stakeholders to identify issues and work towards an outcome that is impactful and sustainable.

What made you want to join the TW&B team?

TW&B is a reputable firm that is well-known throughout the Chicagoland area and nationwide. The team provides comprehensive counsel in all aspects of development. Each team member brings extensive and valuable experience in leadership, strategic planning, and fundraising.

Out of your 14 years' experience in global nonprofit, donor relations, grant management and sustainable project development, do you have any favorite or proud memories you’d care to share?

There are many favorite memories for each area, but one that I am proud of is when I had the opportunity to attend a conference in Mexico. During my assignment, I conducted multiple project site visits, interviewed some of the beneficiaries, and even participated in a grant project. It was very humbling and rewarding to experience the humanitarian work alongside volunteers and community leaders who truly want to make positive change.

How will you help future clients?

My creativity and ambition to help future clients strategically plan on how they can provide quality service while being sensitive to cultural differences.

Mireya is a charter member and membership co-chair of the Evanston Nouveau Rotary Club, DEI workgroup member of Evanston Rotary Clubs, and Paul Harris Fellow. She currently serves on the board of the McGaw YMCA. Read her full bio or contact her about fundraising counsel at mdominguez@twbfundraising.com.

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