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November 15, 2022

DLC Announces the Class of the 2022-23

Written by Amy Funk

The Development Leadership Consortium Announces the Class of the 2022-23 Annual Fellows Program

October 13, 2022

Get to Know Jewanna Apawu

We are pleased to welcome Jewanna Apawu, our newest adjunct staff member, to the firm. We asked her...

April 26, 2022

Marklund Search: Two Fundraising Leadership Roles

Marklund is a nonprofit organization that serves individuals of all ages with severe and profound...

April 26, 2021

Leadership Transitions: 3 Steps to Set Up New Leaders for Success

Written by Dean Rein

So, you and your development team are planning for the transition to a new President or Executive...

May 17, 2017

Development Dilemma: Hiring First Fundraising Staff

In our new weekly column, consultants with decades of nonprofit experience answer your questions...

February 8, 2017

Six Ways to Retain Your Talented Fundraising Staff

Why is it that development professionals change jobs every few years? In our profession, we’ve come...

March 2, 2015

Creating a Leadership Strategy and a Roadmap for Personal Success

Written by Chris Polk

A Three Step Guide for New Nonprofit Leaders in a Competitive Environment

You’ve just overcome the...